The Difference

  • As a company we like to take the pleasure in going that extra step in excelling at customer service. Rempro takes that extra step for you to assure the best possible roof system installation a company can offer.Ice&WaterShield-photo
  • Having problems with leaks getting through, and wondering what might be the cause of it?

    We have the answers for you. Leaks will usually occur at a roof penetration point better known as a valley.  Most water runs off these valleys from storms and thus they serve as weak point from hail, wind, or deterioration damage from shingles. We at Rempro believe we provide the best possible installation


    to prevent these actions from being featured in your future. For a competitive and reasonable price we believe our self adhesive waterproofing membrane installation will help prevent these pop ups from reoccurring into your future lives.

    Another thing we offer is FREE roof inspection to all potential customer. This allows the customer to be able to compare and contrast our price with other roofing companies. Hoping to provide the customer with it’s best price.


  • Rempro installs lead jacks similar to the one found in the picture below, opposed to the common rubber auto caulks other roofing companies like to install when remodeling a roof. We also install a 1′ by 1′ section of waterproofing membrane over the pipe when doing so.leadjack
  • Rempro insists on doing this to allow a longer life span on the roof and to help prevent further leakage in the household. The rubber caulk simply is not designed to withstand the hot summer suns in this Texas heat and will crack over time like any other rubber substance. Displayed below is an example of this.